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peach jane.png


  (Georgia Pie x Gush Mints)    Nuh-Peaches is the fruity way to start the day.
These colorful dense nugs reek of peaches and trees. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to take away some chronic pain or maybe just enjoying your day off.

mintz jane.png

Nuhtopian Mintz

(Alien Cookies x Kush mints)

is also commonly known as "Cap Junky".
This is an amazing option for every experienced smoker. These frosty potent nugs give off smells of fruit, gas, and pepper.

desire jaen.png


(Jealousy x Runtz)

is one of our sweetest and smoothest smokes.
Whether you are smoking a joint, blunt, or out of a bong Nuh-Desire will sweep you off your feet with nodes of flowers and fruit with a creamy smoke.

Nuhmoon jane.png


Nuh-Moon (Moon Bow x Dolato 41) Is one of our best tasting strains yet. The Moon Bow (Do-Si-Do x Skittlez) delivers a ton of candy terps, while the Dolato 41 (Do-Si-Do x Gelato 41) doubles down on the Dosi and brings you the classic purp couch lock you've been searching for.



Nuh-Toy (Facemints x (Sherbet x Biscotti) is great for anyone looking for a heavy smoke on a relaxing day.

One of our highest testing strains to date at 36%. This flower has a pungent nose reminiscent of burnt rubber or a freshly opened action figure. This is the perfect night cap for any experienced smoker.

Coming soon!

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